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Antonio Carvalho Acoustic Cavaquinho
My APC 103 Cavaquinho
Antonio Carvalho Acoustic Lisboa Cavaquinho
My APC 555 Braguinha
Iberica signature Soprano
Iberica Soprano
Antonio Carvalho is the main name APC use to brand their range of Iberian folk instrument, (but as APC stands for Antonio Pinto de Carvalho it all comes back to the same man). APC are a Portuguese maker founded in the 1970's and based in Braga with some, if not all of the manufacture done there. They specialise in all of the Portuguese chordophones like Fado Guitars and Banjolims but include Rajaos, Braguinhas, Cavaquinhos and the like, (all of the precursor instruments to the Ukulele). They also have a range of solid wood Ukuleles from Sopranos through to Baritones plus some Guitaleles and since 2014 a Ukulele Bass in their catalogue, (no Superscales, no multi-string for Ukuleles and though they make a variety of Banjos and banjo Hybrid Instruments no Banjoleles.

APC had another range too, they brand this one as Iberica. This range only consists of Guitars and Ukuleles and is possibly looking to be more modern. These also claim to be made in Portugal though I have seen it suggested they are made in Spain and they look identical to the Antonio Carvalho ones - apart from this brand doesn't include Baritones or Guitaleles

In 2007 They started a range of "economic" (their turn of phrase), classical Guitars they called Lusitania, (presumably after the pre Roman tribe that inhabited this part of Iberia and not the ill fated ocean liner). In 2014 they relaunched this brand, trying to add some eco credentials (something about the Guitars being recyclable?) and adding a range of Ukuleles. They only show laminate saeple and acacia Sopranos on their website but I have seen Concerts, Tenors and Baritones on sale as well, with a lot of the resellers saying they are solid wood?

In addition to their own brands APC do OEM work too; for Hoyer certainly, and I believe at some time with Risa and Thomann.

To the best of my knowledge though they have no links with Artimusica apart from being based in Braga and the Carvalho name

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