Cole Clark

Cole Clark "Jack Tenor"  Cutaway Tenor Ukulele Jack Tenor
Cole Clark Ukelady UL1 Concert
Ukelady 1
cole clark Ukelady Concert ukulele
Blackwood & Bunya UL3
Founded in 2001, Cole Clark Guitars is a manufacturer working out of Melbourne Australia. In addition to making ordinary and lap steel Guitars they made a range of solid wood Concert Ukuleles they called "Ukelady" in three levels of styling, UL1 being the most basic and UL3 being the fanciest. There was also a cutaway Tenor they call the Jack Tenor, (only one level of finish).

Sadly a fire at the Cole Clark factory in 2013 brought an end to Ukulele manufacture

The Ukuleles had a special, unique to Cole Clark, two pickup system fitted for the electric versions. They also used sustainable local woods for all of their instruments instead of the traditional options, so using a wood called bunya where others would use spruce, or using blackwood instead of mahogany.

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