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BR Strange "Venus" Bocote Acoustic Concert Ukulele
Venus Concert
(from the Strange Range)
Noir "Plastered" Acoustic Soprano Ukulele
Noir "Plastered" Soprano
Reinhardt GmbH was founded in 1992 by Gunther Reinhardt to import and distribute Guitars having previously been in partnership with a Spanish Guitar maker. It currently acts as a European distributor for a number of other peoples ranges but also imports and distributes its own brands. It also uses the name Best Acoustics, (as there is a Reinhardt Steel company that is nothing to do with them).

Baton Rouge

This is the main brand for Ukuleles and is often seen with just a BR on the headstock. It has its own website and tries to come across as more hip than the parent company. The Ukuleles themselves come from China in Soprano, Concert, Tenor and Baritone scales. There there are some laser etched and CNC cut sound-hole variants they put in their Strange range, (still with BR on the headstock).

Noir by BR

This is a more budget range and they are all Sopranos, brightly painted with a number of designs but usually still "figure 8" and have Noir on the headstock

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