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The Richter Manufacturing Company was started in Chicago, IL by Carl H. Richter, (a former sales representative for Baldwins Pianos), in 1920. They were no longer listed in 1944 but I don't know exactly what happened to them? Most of the instruments they produced appear to have been marketed by other distributors like the Tonk Bros. Targ & Dinner, (with the Sweetheart contract though it appears Richter actually owned the brand name Sweetheart as they registered it in 1927?), and Bruno. One brand name they did appear to use though was Princess, (well again Richter registered the brand name but I have seen Regals branded as Princess too? However If Richter didn't own it I don't know who did?) and they had the Duncan Sisters, a popular Vaudeville act of the time, endorsement. There was also a round wooden "Banjo" type Ukulele they called the Scout Uke, (not the same as Bruno's), produced to compete with Lyon & Healy's Camp Uke, (obviously nothing to do with Beansprout's Scout Uke). They also advertised a waterproof Ukulele they called the "Beach Uke" though I've only read about them and don't know what they were made of?

As well as Ukuleles they produced Guitars, Mandolins and Tenor Guitars but I'm not so sure about Banjos, They did make Banjoleles though with a similar, (from a distance), headstock shape to the "Gumby" headed Banjoleles that were widely sold. and made by MISCo. However the Richters headstock is straighter and Richter used Grover Tailpieces not U-King ones.

I have heard a number of people talk about Fred Richter, an US Artist who in the 1940's took Regal Ukuleles and redecorated them replacing Regals name with his. This had nothing to do with the Richter Mfg Co. and I have never seen any examples

I have see a couple of Ukuleles that had intricate patterns cut out of the soundboard, (probably not helping the tone or volume) One was definitely made by the Richter Mfg Co, I don't think the other was(?) which makes me think the work was done after market maybe by the aforementioned Fred?

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