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Rivola Mfg. Corp.

1920s rivola maple soprano Ukulele
1920s rivola maple soprano Ukulele

Rivola Manufacturing Corp. was from New York, and originally called A. Massello & Sons. In 1922 Angelo Mannello died and the firm, which had already changed its name to Rivola, was taken over by his son Martin who in 1923 announced with a large advertising campaign that Rivola were going to give up making other stringed instruments, and concentrate solely on the manufacture of Ukuleles of which they were going to make 5000 a month, he had even invested in new machinery for this. In September 1923 there was a fire at the factory and most of the completed stock was apparently destroyed. Shortly after there was a change of policy and they went back to making all kinds of stringed instruments? What they actually made and survives I am not sure I have read the prior to 1923 they had both Ukuleles and Banjoleles as part of the catalogue, (and I also read they won an award for their Mandolins?)

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