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Barth, (Lutchen &) Feinberg

BL&F Pennant Soprano with perloid fretboard
1920's Pennant Ukulele
My Harmony made BF Barth Feinberg Pennant Banjolele Banjo at Ukulele Corner
1930's (Harmony made) Pennant
1950's Barth Feinberg Soprano
1950's Encore Soprano
(Albert) Barth, (Morris) Lutchen and (Henry) Feinberg was a New York distributor founded in 1923 for the distribution of imported musical instruments, however they also distributed instruments produced in the US as well. In 1927 Morris Lutchen died and sometime after his death the company became Barth Feinberg. I know they were still in business in the 1950's but they don't appear to exist now.

In the 1920's their main Ukulele brand was Pennant, however some of the instruments they distributed just had "Made Especially for B.L. & F. of N.Y." on the label in the sound hole.

As B.L.& F. were distributors the actual Ukuleles were made by someone else and Harmony is one of the firms that made instruments for them however its Cheer Leader Ukulele which also had a pennant on the headstock, was nothing to do with this brand. Another big Chicago firm that made instruments for them was Globe and I have seen B.L.& F. Guitars that were made by Kay (or Stromberg-Voisinet as it was at the time), and as a New York distributor the big NY makers are also possibilities.

In the 1950's they were one of the firms distributing Japanese made Ukulele and they were using the brand name Encore

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