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Beare & Sons The Michigan Soprano at Ukulele Corner
B&S the Michigan Soprano
US made Regal rebrand
Beare and son frying pan pele banjo ukulele
B&S Pele Banjolele
B&S Master Soprano at Ukulele Corner
B&S Master Soprano
UK made GH&S(?) rebrand
Beare & Son was a London, based music publishing company founded in 1865. They are still in existence today selling Violin accessories, but they have moved from London. In the past as well as publishing, they have certainly both made stringed instruments and sold Ukuleles. Beyond this its a little obscure, some say they made the Ukuleles others that they only branded and resold them, (they did import European and US instruments and rebrand them as well as making their own in the past). At one time they had a Toronto Shop (hence Toronto in the label), but this was sold to Boosey & Hawkes). A lot of the instruments they sold were branded B&S Masters and the Banjo instruments were predominantly made by George Houghton & Sons in Birmingham but I have also seen mention of ones made in Germany in the Beare & Son catalogues

As well as just having the Beare & Son name or B&S they also branded Ukuleles the Michigan by putting a nice lacquer plaque on the headstock (possibly covering the original makers name? The Ukulele still had made in the USA on the back though and the Banjoleles were still GH&S and I have also seen them use the, (often occurring), name Pele with a small B & S on the plaque, and once again on GH&S instruments
Part of Beare & Son's 1930 Catalogue. The catalogue included Banjoleles, but they were mainly GH&S with a couple of cheap ones just marked "Foreign Made" it also included a La Foley for 64 shillings and the Stroh Horn Resonator Ukulele. Given that the Banjoleles were credited to GH&S or Foreign, De Vekey was credited and Ukuleles numbered 23, 24, 25 and 26 are marked Spanish made, could it be numbers 20, 21 and 22 were actually made by Beare & Son?

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