Beltona Black Type#2 Concert Resonator Ukulele Corner
Type #2 Concert
Beltona #1 Baritone Resonator Ukulele 2007
Type #1 Songster Baritone
Beltona Custom Roundbody Concert (for Tiny Tim)
Early Metal Body
Beltona began as a partnership between Steve Evans and Bill Johnson, a luthier and engineer, in the UK in 1990. In 1998 Beltona moved from the UK to New Zealand, (Steve Evans home country), and ran it from there. At some point in the early 2000's Johnson dropped out of the partnership and Evans took sole control. In 2013 Steve Evans moved back to the UK and brought Beltona with him so it is now UK based again

Beltona originally produced metal-bodied instruments before they started development of resin and carbon fibre models in the mid 1990s. These have proved so successful that metal instruments were discontinued in 2002.

The instruments are a mixture of modern technology and traditional wood lutherie The body is constructed from resin with glass fibre and carbon fibre with an aluminium resonator cone housed inside. Necks are hand carved from various woods in the traditional manner.

The Company produce Concert and Tenor, (with Baritone as a custom option), Ukuleles in two body styles plus Mandolins and Guitars

in 2012 Evans experimented with making some standard Ukuleles, still using the resin back and sides but fitting a tone wood soundboard and no resonator. These experiments continued with Evans, working with NZ luthier Tony Francis, made a number of concert scale models.

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