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Blackbird Carbon Fibre Tenor
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This is a Californian manufacturer founded in 2005, that make carbon fibre instruments. Carbon fibre as a material for making chordophones is very good because it is light, strong and not affected by temperature or humidity; you even end up with a waterproof instrument - (except for the metalwork). The process itself is interesting too, because the whole thing including both sides of the body and the neck are made as one piece in a single process, but on the downside if you order from the factory there is a 10 week wait while they grow it or something?

Originally they make a black carbon fiber Tenor Ukulele, (which has now been discontinued), and in 2013 they added a Concert Ukulele they called Clara. This though is made from a sustainable biocomposite made from the natural linen fibers of the flax plant, that Blackbird invented and called ekoa. They claim it has all of the strength and weatherproof qualities of carbon fibre but is lighter, more natural looking and give a better, more wood like tone.

They are very pleased with their ekoa as they have now phased out production of all of their black carbon fiber Guitars in favor of it and added an ekoa Tenor they call Farallon to their Ukulele Range.

The little hole on the headstock where a truss rod cover would usually be, is suppose to be a second sound port as the neck is hollow; how effective it is I couldn't say.

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