Bohemian Guitars

bohemian guitars oil can banjolele electric at Ukulele corner
bohemian guitars oil can banjolele electric at Ukulele corner
Motor Oil
Started by expat South Africans Adam and Shaun Lee who say they were inspired by South African street musicians, this is now a commercial range of Oil Can Instruments, (a variant on the Biscuit Tin Banjos using old motor oil cans rather than biscuit tins). The brothers started production in their garage in Atlanta, Georgia some time before 2015, first making instruments for locals and gradually upping production until they could launch them as a commercial venture. Having launched them they moved production (probably to China but I'm not sure; definitely out of the US though), signed up a number of distributors worldwide and are now selling both Electric Guitars and Concert Scale, (though for some reason they say Soprano), electric Ukuleles under the Bohemian Guitars branding. The "cans" used in the production instruments are clearly purpose made in the factory and have never contained any oil, (or whatever else the paint job suggests - currently Motor Oil-red, Surf Wax-yellow, Moonshine-black, Honey-white, Hot Sauce-red and Explosive Powder-orange).

The Ukulele versions are all single pickup, steel strung Concerts that behave and sound like solid electric Ukuleles, there is very little acoustic volume, even if you take the cap off. The website says that the Ukulele range is called the Boho Series but nowhere on the ukulele does it use this branding.

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