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Hawkes & Son open back Banjolele
1920's Hawkes & Son Banjolele
La Fleur Varsity Soprano
LaFleur Varsity Soprano
Boosey & Hawkes Branded Brüko Acoustic Soprano Ukulele Corner
1960's Brüko made Soprano
The UK based firm Boosey & Hawkes is most famous as a music publishers, (the world's largest publisher of classical scores). In the past they manufactured musical instruments and were a distributor and reseller, but this was definitely over by 2003. They are also the firm that took over Beare & Son's Canadian interests.

The firm was founded in 1930 by the merging of Boosey & Co. (founded 1792) and Hawkes & Sons, (founded 1865). Though more famous for Brass and Woodwind over the years they have produced, or re branded and distributed a number of Ukuleles and Banjoleles both as the separate companies and after the merge. Hawkes certainly sold rebranded Abbott Banjoleles prior to the merge, and was suppose to have their own London based Banjo workshop/factory for a while (that also made early Banjos for Will Van Allen). Boosey put their name to German, US and Windsor Banjoleles. After the merge they continued to distribute instruments under their name and Brüko was certainly one of their post war Ukulele suppliers

J.R.Lafleur was another London music publisher with a line in distributing musical instrument, some of which they manufactured. They were founded in 1780 and were officially absorbed into Boosey and Hawkes in 1940, however the 1927 list of directors shows Hawkes & Sons already owned it at this time. Though again more famous for wind instruments, Lafleur did distribute, (but not manufacture), a range of fretted chordophones including Ukuleles in the UK under the brand name Varsity.
This has nothing to do with Weymann& Sons Varsity Brand in the US

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