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Boulder Creek

Boulder Creek Riptide  Mahogany  Concert Ukulele Corner
2012 Mahogany Concert
jagged headstock and inlay
Boulder Creek Riptide Acacia Concert Ukulele
2015 Acacia Concert
flat headstock and no inlay
Boulder Creek Travel Bass
Travel Bass
Boulder Creek maybe a small river outside of Boulder, Colorado but the head office for this company is in California and all of the Ukuleles are made in China.

All Boulder Creek Ukuleles are Riptides and in 2014 they changed the branding to Riptide by Boulder Creek to reflect this.  All feature the small top, (epaulette), sound hole and the larger side sound port, (They were the company to popularise putting sound ports on the side). There is a full range of normal scales from Soprano to Baritone, but no Super sizes and no extra string options. The choices of wood run from laminate mahogany and a satin finish, to a selection of solid wood tops, (Spruce, Mahogany and it says Koa but that might just be laminate?), and a high gloss finish, plus the option of electro-acoustic (with the cutaway if it is a Tenor).

Older models, (pre 2012) have a saw tooth on the top of the headstock, Boulder Creek as the headstock logo and "Riptide" inlaid across the middle of the soundboard. Newer models have a straight headstock top, Riptide as the headstock logo and a plain soundboard.

In 2015 they introduced a 21 inch scale Uke Bass they called the Travel Bass and this appears not to be part of the Riptide range

There are also Boulder Creek Guitars, most of which have the sound hole on the side as well

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