Bushman Jenny Soprano
Jenny Soprano
Bushman eastmansong Jenny cutaway Baritone ukulele
2006 Baritone Eastmansong
Bushmand CedarTone 2013
2013 CedarTone Soprano
The Bushman brand was created in Indiana in 1996 by John Hall. Although Bushman now makes Ukuleles, it started with Harmonicas and currently sells both Instruments.

The Bushman Ukuleles, over the years have had a number of ranges, starting with the Jenny, (made from Brazilian mahogany and by far their most famous brand), and the Cedar Tone, (rosewood and cedar), in 2004. These were being made in China, and "finished" in the US. The website says that they stopped production in China in 2008, but it doesn't specifically say where it moved too?

Bushman added a couple of new ranges for 2013, "the Hawaiian" an acacia range, and the Woodsman, a strictly limited (to 96) range of matte finished mahogany Ukuleles.  I've never seen a Lili'u or Taropatch though. As you would expect in 2014 the Woodsman left the catalogue and has been replaced by Big River, A Redwood and Rosewood range. The Redwood in question is the reclaimed logs from river beds and the Ukuleles themselves are being made in batches to order, (well that was the plan but from the lack of website updates on batches it may not have happened this way?) Bushman have had other brands in the past too, two US produced ranges, the Bluebird, (made of mahogany and I have read that David Gill was one of the people actually making them), and the Homegrown, (mahogany with a spruce top) I have also seen an archtop semi-acoustic range that was called the Rockabilly 

The current catalogue only show the Jenny and the Engelmann, (again spruce topped mahogany this was dropped for a while but is now back again?), but I don't know where these are currently made? These two ranges come in Soprano, Concert, and Tenor. There have been Baritones in the past but not now, and I have never seen any long neck or extra string models. 

It appears that fairly early on Bushman had a European distributor called Eastmansong and there are some older models with this name on the sound hole lable this arrangement finished well befor 2010

Bushman have a good reputation for build quality and tone but there are some question marks about the after sales service from the company should there be any after sales questions

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