Bugsgear Aqulele plastic Concert Ukulele Corner
Concert Aqulele
Eleuke BCP-T steel strung Baritone
Eleuke BCP-T
Eleuke EC40 Cigar Box Electro-Acoustic Tenor Ukulele Corner
(No) Cigar Box Tenor
Bugs Gear, (I have seen it written with and without a space in the middle?) are a Japanese company that was started in 2004 by a man called Philip K, selling Guitars and Ukuleles that were made in China. I don't know the full history but at some point they appear to have started branding the bulk of their Ukuleles Eleuke. There are still budget acoustic Ukuleles with Bugsgear on the headstock on sale and they use to have a separate Bugsgear website, but that appears to have gone now?

They are most famous for their solid body nylon strung Ukuleles with undersaddle pickup branded EleUke, (by Bugs Gear) but they do also produce a number of Electro-Acoustic Ukuleles with this branding as well. These Eleuke models are almost always quite innovative in their design, though for some of the solid body models have taken inspiration from, and then given a modern twist to, the more traditional Ukulele range. I have never seen an Eleuke Sopranino, Taropatch or Lili'u but I have seen all other scales in various of their ranges.

In 2013 they added some steel strung electric Ukuleles to the EleUke range and a plastic Soprano that they have called the Aqulele to the Bugsgear range, (with a Concert scale model added in 2015). The 2013 Aqulele has a specially patented new bridge but for the 2015 model they have kept the string attachment method but gone back to a separate saddle. In 2017 they signed a licencing deal of some sort with SHS and the Aquleles and the (No Cigar) Cigar Box ranges are now sold under SHS's Eddy Finn branding

This brand has nothing to do with the Eleuke range that Lanyao put out

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