Rally DUB5DLX extended Resonator Banjo Ukulele Banjolele
Rally 16 bracket DUB 5DLX
Rally Delta Blue DUB1
Rally Delta Blue DUB1F
Delta Blue Ukulele
Delta Blue Soprano
Established in 1991 Rally is the "own brand" name for instruments produced by Daewon Musical Instrument Co. in their Korean and Chinese (Dalian Da Yuan Musical Instrument Co.) factories. They make electric and resonator Guitars, electric Violins, Banjos and Mandolins but they don't make Ukuleles! However they are probably the biggest Banjolele manufacturer in the world today. As well as making their own brands they have a very large OEM business, (i.e. for a while they made Epiphone electric guitars), for everyone else's re-branded Banjoleles. If you've looked at Barnes&Mullins and Ashburys or Monroes and Lanikais and wondered what the difference is? well check out the Rally catalogue pick the corresponding models and you will know. There is basically a choice of 2+2 2 finishes and 2 levels plus the little 10 lug open backed one that's just DUB

  • DUB 1 = Maple and Brass 12 lug (with extended resonator add F)
  • DUB 2 = Mahogany and Chrome 12 lug (with extended resonator add F)
  • DUB 5 = Mahogany and Chrome 16 lug (only comes with extended resonator)
  • DUB 5 DLX = Maple and Brass 16 lug (only comes with extended resonator)

  • They also, starting in 2012, use the branding Delta Blue by Rally and this range does include a low end Soprano Ukulele, (I don't know if Daewon make this themselves or not?)

    In addition to this, I have seen them use the brand name Straus on their Violins plus Matiner and Vegavox on the 5 string Banjos.

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