(Suzhou) East-Start Musical Instruments Ltd.

East Start Alida Semi acoustic Tenor Ukulele Corner My Semi-Acoustic Tenor
Alida Soprano
Alida Soprano
East Start Notep long neck Soprano Ukulele
Notep Teardrop Supersoprano
This is a firm that specialises in all stringed instruments but will act as a distributor for wind and other instruments. From the website catalogue they produce a very good range and variety of acoustic and electric Ukuleles in all scales from Sopranino to Baritone, Lili'u;s and Taropatches and look like they have done OEM work for a lot of the major Chinese/US Ukulele firms, (they make a point of saying they won't reveal who they have done OEM work for on the website so there is little points asking for confirmation).

They have a number of distinctive looking Ukulele that feature in other Chinese makers catalogues (Yongchan for example) and East Start admit on the web site that they do act as a distributor for other factories if a customer wants to come to them for one stop shopping so it is hard to say what, if any, they make and what they just distribute? (they certainly acted more like a middleman that the actual maker when I was getting my Alida semi acoustic Tenor)

"House" brand names I have seen them use include Alida, Altima, Notep and E & S but there may be more, and some of these might actually be brands for other local small distributors?

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