Jose Fernandez, Saxony

Jose Fernandez Saxony tenor
16in Tenor
11 fret jose fernandez ukulele
13½in Soprano
Jose Fernandez, Saxony Ukulele
I have seen a lot of instrument with this sound hole label, Mandolins, Violins and Ukuleles, all of which were made in the first half of the 20th century. Given the location though I am not sure if there was a Jose Fernandez with a factory or if this was one of the other German makers branding their instruments with an Iberian sounding maker's name? The Ukuleles themselves look very much more German, (apart from having no zero fret), than Iberian however and it seems odd though to include the location if they are trying to pull off this ruse?

Another option that I haven't been able to rule out is if Jose Fernandez, (let's assume he did exist for the moment), was a maker of instruments or a local distributor of other peoples instruments? The distinctive look of the instruments makes me think they all came from the same factory but I have no firm evidence. Their distinctive look does make me think that whoever made these, made the Ukuleles for Aladar de Vekey too

More information on the brand would be helpful.

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