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Ferry & Co Banjolele(by Globe?)
Ferry & Co.
Reed Chicago Soprano Ukulele
Reed Soprano
Ferry and Co. Reed Colonial Silhouette Ukulele
Reed Colonial Silhouette
Ferry & Co. were something in the music industry in Chicago in the 1920's. They appear to have been some kind of reseller, the Banjoleles I have seen branded by them appear to come from different makers. It's hard to find information on them now, but what I know is in 1923 they started producing "Instant Noteless Player" invented by a man called James Reed, (who taught at the Conn Chicago Co. school of Music too.), and in 1926 Reed Musical Instrument company was incorporated and they started production of a range of Ukuleles using Reeds name.
Ferry & Co Ukulele manuel

It is possible to interpret what I have read to be that James Reed left Ferry & Co and started his own range of Ukulele as well, however this seems unlikely. I have never seen or heard of a Ukulele branded Ferry & Co, though they started manufacture in 1926 and within a week of them starting, their star name breaks away and also starts a Ukulele factory in Chicago?

What is the case is Ukuleles branded Reed appeared in 1926 that were apparently very good quality. In addition to the unadorned models there was a range of decal finished models called the Silhouette and a range of instruments branded Lindy to commemorate Charles Lindbergh's flight in 1927 .

In 1928 Ferry & Co moved their instrument manufacturing from Chicago to St. Mary's, Ohio and this move certainly impacted production for a while. It is unclear if major production every really got going again, and if it did, how long the production continued or what happened to either Ferry & Co or Reed musical Instrument Co.? If anyone else does please tell me

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