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Tommy George and Christian Stanfield of Somerville, Tennessee, (who make up George Banjos), primarily make 5 string Banjos but in 2009 they started to make Ukulele Banjos as well. They do a standard(ish) concert scale model in Walnut or Maple and Custom jobs on request I have seen Tenor and Baritone scales but no Sopranos and they are usually open backed but there are a few with resonators. In addition to making instruments from scratch they have been know to refurbish old Ukulele Banjos or buy in parts and just do assembly, though the say this is not a major part of the business or what they usually do.

Christian Stanfield has opened his own workshop in Memphis but his output is still branded George Banjos and he still works at least one day a week with Tommy George

In 2017 they started making Pineapple Ukuleles in batches, I believe they are Concert scale.

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