The George Formby Society

Abbott banjos
Jack Abbott
ron beddoes banjos
Ron Beddoes
Phil Cartwright banjos
Phil Cartwright
The George Formby Society is itself not a Ukulele Maker or Distributor it is a Club based in the UK set up to celebrate the output of British Music Hall and Movie star George Formby jr. The reason I have included it here is that a requirement of membership is that members own and play a Banjolele. As the club has been in existence for some time and over the years they have persuaded quite a few Luthiers to make Banjoleles for their members. These were the people who persuaded Jack Abbott the former owner of the Abbott Banjo Co. to come out of retirement, Richard Shelland and Ron Spiers to start making Banjoleles and still promote the work of British Luthiers today

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