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Gewa Painted Soprano Ukulele
1950's Gewa Soprano
Gewa Soprano Ukulele
2012 Gewa Soprano
Tennessee masterbuild koa Soprano
Tennessee Soprano
Gewa are a large German musical instrument manufacturer and distributor. The company was founded in 1925 by George Gewa Walther in Adorf. In 1950 the headquarters was moved to Mittenwald but in 1990, it moved back to Adorf.

They have a very full range of instruments they distribute and some are made in their own factories, (they have factories in the Far East as well as Germany but it is not very clear what is made where). In addition to the main Gewa brand they own a number of other brands as well as distributing other peoples instruments and all of the main scale lengths, (except Mini), can be found somewhere within their catalogue, (though I have not seen Taropatches or Liliu's)

Brand names I have seen them use on their Ukuleles at the beginning of the 2010's include:- 

  • (Miguel J) Almeria - the Spanish Guitar range
  • Gewa - the Standard range
  • Pro Natura - the Professional range
  • Tennessee - the Premium range
  • Tenson - the Budget range

  • I believe these were all Gewa owned brands but as a distributor of instruments it is possible they may just be the distributor. Currently they appear to be branding all of their Ukuleles with VGS on the headstock and Manoa as part of the name, (apart from a couple of models that for some reason has Patea instead?) All of the current range appear to be of Far Eastern origin and they still cover all of the main Scale lengths, (except Mini). They have added a Uke Bass to the range but still no multi string options.

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