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Giannini Baritone Ukulele
1970's Baritone
Giannini 1950's Soprano Ukulele
1950's Soprano
Start by Giannini Cavaco
Start Cavaco
Giannini Guitars is a Brazilian manufacturer based in San Paolo and founded in 1900, who as the name suggests specialise in Guitars and ethnic chordophones like the Brazilian Cavaco, which as soon as it gets out of Brazil is automatically assumed by the majority of people to be a Ukulele.

Historically, as the advert shows they produced a steel strung Soprano Ukulele in the 1950's and they also produced a Baritone Ukulele from the 1950's to the 1970's too, (I'm told by a Brazilian friend that the Baritone was only produced in the 70's, so the 50's to... date might be confusion with the 50's Sopranos? He also tells me they were only produced for export - initially by Merson Musical Instruments in the US - but the later ones weren't and you can see the line referring to Merson having been cut off from the soundhole label; so you don't really see them in Brazil, though reviews say it has a narrow neck and feels like it was made for steel strings so may have started out as a Cuatro or some other Latin folk instrument, (it was certainly sold as a Baritone Ukulele in the US because the internal label says this).

I have seen some Giannini Baritone Ukuleles with a different, more modern looking headstock and the instruments themselves look fairly new so it may be that they are once again in production? Even if they aren't, (and nothing is shown on the website), they have now started branding some imported Chinese Soprano and Concert Ukuleles. 

I have also seen that they sell, certainly in Brazil, a more budget looking range of instruments that they brand Start, and this range certainly includes a Cavaco and a Concert and Soprano scale Chinese made Ukulele

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