Hilo Hawaiian made soprano Ukulele from the 1930's
From the 30's and Hawaiian made
Hand Painted Hilo soprano japan 1950's Ukulele Corner
50's hand painted MiJ
Hilo 2010's Tenor
Modern Tenor
Hilo are based on the Hawaiian island of Hilo. Currently the main business appears to be branding low end Chinese Ukuleles and exporting them around the world as Hawaiian, (plus selling them locally for tourists). However they have been in existence since 1926 and in the past appear to have produced their own Ukuleles which are reputedly quite good. This is the reason Hilo gets a page rather that just a reference in the Budget Hawaiian Tourist models section

In the post WWII period they were importing from West Germany, occupied Japan, Taiwan or anywhere cheap and the quality was going down, (though still better than most of today's products). I have seen a few of the hand painted tropical scene models from this period, though whether they were painted in Japan or Hawaii I don't know

Along with their own branded Baritone Ukulele, they have a Baritone model they call the Franciscan that has been distributing for some time now. The original models were made in Taiwan but now they come from mainland China

I don't exactly know if Hang Ten was a Hilo brand but it was a name put Brüko made, imported Ukuleles just like Hilo and at the same time as Hilo. I suspect a link though as I can't see two Hawaiian distributors getting instrument from Brüko at the same time?

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