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Hora zebrawood Soprano
Zebrano Soprano
Hora mahogany Baritone
Mahogany Baritone
Hora spruce top soprano ukulele
Spruce & Walnut Soprano
The Romanian musical instrument manufacturer Hora, (whose name is the same as the national dance of Romania), was founded in 1951 by a luthier called Roman Boianciuc and has grown through the communist and post communist years to become a major European musical instrument maker, possibly even the biggest. From their website they say this about their history
The city of Reghin, called the city of violins, is synonymous with musical instruments production in Romania. This is because in Reghin there are many companies producing musical instruments. The most important of them is HORA. With a tradition of almost 60 years, a turnover of 5 million euros and about 300 workers, HORA is the biggest factory for bowed instruments and guitars in Europe.

They make all kinds of chordophone with the main output being the Violin family and classical Guitars, but it does produce other things to, like eastern European folk instruments the Mandolin family and of course Ukuleles as part of its catalogue, (there are no Banjos or Banjo related instruments though). The Ukuleles are usually made of locally sourced wood like spruce, walnut and maple, though they have a mahogany and a laminate zebrawood range as well. In these wood ranges they make Soprano Tenor and Baritone Ukuleles but no Concerts

As well as producing Ukuleles under their own name and Reghin, they are the OEM for some major European distributors like Stagg and Stentor

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