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Kamoa E3 pineapple soprano Ukulele
E3 Pineapple
Kamoa Kauai'i Hawaiian made Tenor
Kauai'i Tenor
Kamoa Evoke steel strung Electric Tenor Ukulele
Evoke Electric Tenor
Kamoa is a Ukulele manufacturer with a head office in Kaua'i, Hawaii at Larry's Music (Est. 1952), a music shop that I assume was the original business.

The Ukuleles themselves come from China where they are made by Sinomusik. They produce a number of ranges of Soprano, Concert and Tenor scale, plus Pineapples and Superconcerts, but no Supersoprano

There are a number of ranges on the website with model numbers changing over the years, but the constant is the E3 range which is the entry and says its all solid wood, maple with a spruce soundboard. As well as the standard ranges there is Victor King endorsed "VK" range of Concerts and Tenors (with a laser etched logo on the lower bout).

In 2012 Kamoa released the E3 Evoke, and archtop steel strung semi-acoustic Tenor in a number of colours. With the prototypes the first ones had a full tailpiece then they had an independent saddle for each string before settling on the final bridge configuration. The have also had a Uke Bass in the catalogue and at one stage there was the Kaua'i custom one off's built in Kaua'i as a special order, (though I've only ever seen one of these?) Though there is still a link to it on the website, the link doesn't work so I think these, along with the Uke Bass and the Evoke are now discontinued.

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