Kanda Shokai Co.

Zemaitis Concert Ukulele
2011 Zemaitis Concert
Boo Champ Long Neck Soprano
Boo Champ
Greco Atomic Boy Plastic Soprano Ukulele
2010 Greco Astro Boy
Kanda Shokai, (Shokai apparently means trading company in Japanese) is a large Japanese firm founded in 1948 who both manufacture a number of brands of instrument, and are importers and distributors of foreign made instrument in Japan. Because the website is in Japanese if is hard for me to work out which brands they own and which they just distribute.

Kanda own the Greco brand which they have used on electric Guitars since 1960. Greco is not known for Ukulele manufacture but in 2010 4 plastic special issue Japanese manga themed Ukuleles by artist Osamu Tazuka were produced. The Ukuleles themselves don't say Greco on them, (as far as I can see), just the name of the cartoon character and "(c) Tazuka Productions" I have not seen them in any Greco catalogue or anything either, it is just that every time I have seen one on sale it is labeled by the shop as a Greco.

Kanda acquired the Zemaitis name from UK Guitar luthier Tony Zemaitis when he retired in 2003. I have never seen a Tony Zemaitis made Ukulele, (though I'm told he did make some?), and since acquiring the name Kanda have mainly used it on Guitars but they have also used in on some limited run high end Japanese made Ukuleles too

There is also Boo Champ a long neck Soprano that are the signature model for Japanese entertainer Bu Takagi

I am still working through the other brand names on the list on their website to work out if there were ever Ukuleles produced under that brand name and if Kanda own or just distribute the instruments? Any help would be appreciated...

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