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Kanile'a Concert K1 Ukulele
Early Concert
Kanile'a means "joyful sound" and their Ukuleles are hand crafted under the guidance of master luthier, Joseph Souza at their factory in Kaneohe, Hawaii. Joseph started to learn the art of luthiery working as apprentice to Peter Burmudez in 1991. The firm was started in 1998 in the garage of Joe's house so they early models were all made by him, but as time has gone on it has expanded greatly employs a lot more people and is one of the Hawaiian "big K" firms.

They make 4 standard ranges K1 to K4 with varying levels of decoration, in all scales except Sopranino, including the Super Scales. They also make Lili'us, Taropatchs and Guitaleles plus a lot of custom or semi-custom work. For a while they had a very top end semi-custom range they call Po'okela

Islander is Kanile'a's budget line imported from China, (which I suppose in part of a big island?). They come as laminate or solid and a selection of woods, as Soprano, Concert or Tenor scales In 2013 they added Bass Ukuleles to the Islander catalogue
These are nothing to do with the old Maccaferri Plastic Islander Ukuleles or the Singapore Maestro Islanders

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