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1920s Kumalae style B soprano Ukulele with modern replacement tuners
Kawai was founded in 1927 as a maker of Pianos. In the early 1950's they started to produce classical and acoustic Guitars and in 1963 they had started making electric Guitars

Teisco was founded in 1946 by Atswo Kaneko and Doryu Matsuda, though at the start it was called Aoi Onpa Kenkyujo (which, roughly translated, means Hollyhock Soundwave or Electricity Laboratories). The name was changed to Teisco in 1948 and and does not stand for the 'Tokyo Electric Instrument and Sound Company' as suggested elsewhere on the Internet; at this time they produced mics, amps and a lap steel guitars. The first proper guitars came out in 1952. In 1967 they were taken over by Piano and Organ manufacturer Kawai (founded in 1927 and still in business). Kawai were more interested in Teisco's early synthesizers and so gradually phased out Chordophone production.

While they were making chordophones they produced instruments branded Apollo, Aquarius, Arbiter, Atlas, Audition, Avar, Ayar, Barth, Beltone (not the Perlberg & Halpin brand), Black Jack, Carmencita, Cipher, Concert, Cougar, Crown, Daimaru, Decca, Del Ray, Diasonic, Domino, Duke, Emperador, Heit Deluxe, Hy-Lo, Holiday, Imperial, Inter-Mark Cipher, Jedson, Kawai, Kay, Kent, Kimberly, Kingsley, Kingston, Keefy, Lindell, Marquis, May Queen, Minister, Noble, Prestige, Randall, Recco, Regina, Rexina, Sakai, Satellite, Schaffer, Segova, Silvertone, Sorrento, Sterling, Swinger, Teisco, Tele Star, Top Twenty, Torre, Victoria, Winston and may have produced Astrotone, Demian, G-Holiday, Lafayette, Master, Orange, Tamaki and Trump. This may not be all the brands they made, I haven't seen all of these names on Ukuleles and they may not have been the only firm producing them?

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