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Ko'Aloha Concert Ukulele Hawaii Big K
KoAloha Concert
KoAloha Pinapple Sunday Big k Tenor Ukulele
Tenor Pineapple "Sunday"
Ko'Aloha Opio Concert
KoAloha Opio Concert
Founded in 1995 by Alvin Okami, (who use to make and play Oboe's), KoAloha is a family run business as his son's now play a prominent role. This is a premium Hawaiian Ukulele maker and sometimes called one of the "big K's"

All KoAlohas were originally made of Koa but a Koa becomes harder to find they have expanded to include Mango and Acacia (from Asia). They come in Soprano, Concert and Tenor scale plus Long Neck Supersopranos and Superconcerts and a Mini option. They do a Guitalele (they call the D VI) and a Tenor Lili'u as extra string options, plus they do Soprano and Concert Pineapples. Then they also have their famous signature models like the Pineapple Sunday and the Sceptre, some signature "specials" like the Juke-a-lele or the Gambalele, (made specially for sale in Thailand), and on top of all this there is a custom facility too. These custom Ukuleles are made to order, and in 2014 they introduced a special "Back Label" to signify them. They also introduced a semi custom "Red Label" range where the junior staff produce individual journeyman pieces in order to learn the skill to progress to the Black label level. in 2014 they also introduced a solid body nylon strung electric tenor to their range and some pied, (using different woods) models in all standard scales they called Naupuka.

There was a budget range called KoAlana that looked very similar to the standard models but the KoAlana range didn't include the signature models. The big difference is these were originally made in China, but production moved to Thailand, (and made by Ukoustic), plus there is a Mahogany option. Anecdotally, though it has improved now, the early Chinese ones have a poor reputation for such a prestigious company. This range was discontinued in 2013 for a while to be replaced by a new branding KoAloha Opio, (they are still made in Thailand though, and apparently Opio means “junior” in Hawaiian). KoAlana as a branding has now been restarted as the budget brand using laminate trembesi, but now it is made in Indonesia with the Opio range being promoted to the mid range

All KoAlohas even the subsidiary brands feature the slightly triangular patented "Musubi" Sound Hole and the KoAloha 5-pointed crown headstock.

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