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Jade MC (Australia)

Timberidge Tiki Koa Baritone Ukulele
Tiki Koa Baritone
Aussie Bush Ukes Soprano
Aussie Bush Ukes Soprano
Sanchez "V" Soprano Ukulele
Sanchez "V" Soprano
They started out in the 70's as a manufacturer of amplifiers and public address systems, (and were just called Jade Australia), but over the years have dropped manufacture and are now a major Australian musical instrument distributor who own and distribute a number of brands of all sorts of musical instruments, including Drums, Keyboards, Violins and of course Fretted Chordophones . The brands that include Ukuleles in their catalogue are:-


The main Jade brand of Fretted Chordophones, including Guitars, Mandolins and Banjos. For Ukuleles they have used this for Banjoleles, (and still do but there is only one left in the range) and for all manner of Ukuleles but now it is only used for a selection of Baritones that feature a truss rod and are called Martinez "Southern Belle".


This started out as a couple of solid top Electro-Acoustic Soprano, Concert or Tenor Ukuleles with built in tuners but these have now been dropped and there is a full range of Soprano to Tenor predominantly laminate models with this branding taking over from Sanchez for anything but the budget sopranos


This is Jades branding for the lower quality range of Chordophones including budget and low to mid range Ukuleles. The Sanchez branded range Use to include Concerts, Tenors and Baritones but these are all branded Mojo now so there is just the budget Sopranos, and I have seen the name used in conjunction with Ramon, so Ramon Sanchez. Under the Sanchez brand name, Jade have also released a couple of Australia themed budget quality graphic ranges, one with Aussie Bush Ukes on the headstock and the other with Dream Time Ukes


This use to be Timberidge Tiki and was an acoustic Guitar and Ukulele brand but they have separated out the Guitars as Timberidge and made the Ukulele range just Tiki. Tiki are the top end of the Jade branded Instruments. There are 7 series, (going from 3 to 9?) in Soprano to Baritone scale, including a Taropatch and Lili'u, using different woods.

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