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Japanese Leilani tenor Ukulele
2004 Luthier Made Tenor
Photo Courtesy of Ukulelefriend.com
chinese produced Leilani Soprano Ukulele
2014 Factory Made Soprano
This probably should be down as an Australian distributor of Chinese made Ukulele but there appears to be a bit of a back story, (and I have had to guess here as the current owners of the name have so far declined to comment).

The back story is, and its a bit vague, there was a Japanese, (or of Japanese decent), luthier called Hale Leilani. His early history is not known to me beyond he use to make guitars but as his health started to go he took up Ukulele making instead. In the early 2000's he, and his family were living in Florida, USA and he, because he was a friend of the Augustino's, (who had suggested he make Ukuleles), he was working out of the LoPrinzi workshop. He appears to have been quite well respected at the time and counted Herb Ohta as one of his customers. Hale died aged 55 in 2005 and I was told his wife and family continued to use the name but moved back to Japan in 2006?

In Torquay, Victoria, Australia in 2012 an online Ukulele distributor/reseller call Buyukulele.com started up distributing Chinese made Ukuleles of varying quality from budget up, and including their own house brand, Leilani. These too appear to be of Chinese manufacture but as well as the name, the sound hole label they use is identical to the ones used by Hale Leilani so I'm guessing his family is now in Australia and still in the Ukulele trade, though not actually making them any more. (I would be happy to amend, add or remove any of this if someone wants to provide me with firm information?)

In the current range of Leilani Ukulele there are Sopranos, Pineapples and Concerts of solid or laminate mahogany

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