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Ludwig gold plated Banjolele banjo Ukulele
Gold Plated Ludwig Crown
Ludwig Wendell Hall Banjolele Banjo Ukulele
A Wendell Hall
The Ludwig Drum Company was, (and still is), a well-known drum manufacturer, started in 1909 by brothers William and Theo Ludwig in Chicago. The company, originally called Ludwig & Ludwig, began manufacturing Banjos, (and Banjo Ukuleles), in the mid-1920s in order to win a military contract over Slingerland. Unfortunately they moved in to Banjos just as the instruments popularity started to wane and this venture lost Ludwig over $150,000 and nearly bankrupted them. To avoid this Ludwig was acquired by Brass Instrument manufacturer C.G.Conn in 1930, (who wanted the marching band drum contracts and still own Ludwig today), and the loss making Banjo production was halted in 1932, (G.C. Conn also brought out Ludwigs main competitor Leedy at the same time, and for the same reasons).

Like their Drums, Ludwig Banjos and Banjoleles were all top quality and aimed at the professional player, even today they are considered some of the best Banjos ever made. Wendell Hall had an endorsement with Ludwig for Banjoleles like the one he had with Regal for Ukuleles

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