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The Magic Fluke Co. was started by Dale and Phyllis Webb in 1999 in New Hartford Connecticut, and one that actually manufactures in the US not just has them made in China. They are also one that has been very influential in the current "third wave" of popularity for the instrument.

The Flea is the kind of Pineapple Soprano though you can have a Concert or Tenor length neck put on to make it a Super Soprano. (Schoenhut are distributing a chinese made version this, Soprano only, that is made under licence)

The Fluke is a kind of Paddle Concert but you can have a Tenor neck on this to make it a Super Concert. There is also a solid body electric version of the Fluke, (which they call the Fluke SB), which resembles the acoustic Fluke only in the body shape, I have never seen the electric ones come in anything other than a natural finish

Both the Fluke and the Flea have plastic back and sides, a plastic fretboard, (though wood is an optional extra), a bolt on neck and usually an either solid colour or highly patterned colourful wooden soundboard. There are some natural ones though and these are usually left plain to show of the more traditional, (rather than Hooped Pine), woods used. They are also designed with the ability to stand up on their own on the flat bottom

For both the acoustic Fluke and Fleas, there are some standard colours and designs, (some of which were created by Tiki King), but there are also limited editions where they put out that design for a while and then it is withdrawn and replaced with a new design and finally there is a service where you can design your own front and they will take it and put it on to your "custom" Fluke or Flea The specials (and some standard models now), can also include laser cut sound holes and some laser etching

The Firefly is a (supposedly no maintenance) open back Soprano Banjolele. This started out as a soprano only but in 2013 they have introduced longer Concert scale necks and you do get a choice of plastic or rosewood fretboard - the longer necks always have a wooden fretboard. They continue to expand the Firefly range having now added a Tenor and Baritone scale Banjolele and a traditional, (if a little short), 5 string Banjo. These though all have a larger body with a bracketless head that can be tensioned.

In 2013 they also expanded the catalogue to include a Violin! (They call this the Cricket)

In 2015 they introduced a 21½ in scale fretless Uke Bass version of the solid electric Fluke they call the Timber

They have also added a 4 string Mandolin version of the Flea, (wooden fretboard, steel strings, floating bridge and tailpiece on a Flea body)

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