Gaetano Puntolillo


1920s new york majestic banjo Ukulele
1920s Gaetano Puntolillo majestic banjo Ukulele
1920s Gaetano Puntolillo ss stewart majestic banjo Ukulele
Majestic was the brand name used by Gaetano Puntolillo throughout his life. Puntolillo arrived in New York from Italy aged 8 in 1892 and was apprenticed to a local luthier. by 1919 he had finished his apprenticeship started up on his own and filed his first Banjo tone ring patent. At some point around this time he ran a workshop or small factory in New York where Guitars, Mandolins and Banjos, including Banjoleles, (I've not seen Ukuleles made here, but that doesn't mean there weren't), were being produced under his own Majestic brand name, or OEM for Buegeleisen and Jacobson, (under their SS Stewart branding), Weymann and maybe others. It is strongly suggested that this factory only did the woodworking though and the metal working, particularly for the Banjos, was done by Wm. Lange.

In the great depression the New York factory had closed and Puntolillo was doing his own luthiery, still under the Majestic brand name, at his own home in New Jersey until his death in 1946

1n 2000 his great grandson, also a luthier re registered the name Majestic for use on the Guitars he makes also in New Jersey

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