Mekolia old style koa Tenor
with the old headstock
Melokia Solid Mahogany Concert Ukulele
Solid Concert Melokia
Melokia Laminate Mahogany Soprano Ukulele
Laminate Soprano Melokia
I have a bit of a problem and some unanswered questions with this brand name as it appears there are two different brands both using the name Malokia, (which apparently means melody in Hawaiian)

One is a selection of budget laminate Ukuleles that I have only seen on sale in the US, (though I have read they are popular in Thailand?) and includes the colourful Sopranos, a natural Soprano, with a pickup option, Concert and Baritone, (I haven't seen a Tenor?) and it is clear from the sound hole label they are made in China.

The other is a couple of solid wood ranges, acacia and mahogany, that come in Soprano, Concert and Tenor, (no Baritone), plus a Pineapple and some Cutaway options (that don't appear to have pickups). I have read the Acacia range is the same as the Pili Koko range including a report from someone who owns one of each and says they are identical so it is likely this range of Melokias is made by Sinomusic, (more evidence for this is the dealers for this range are often Kamoa dealers too). This range is also confused by the fact that it has changed the headstock design and logo, (in fact it is the old headstock that is identical to Pili Koa), This one used to have its own website but there was very little information as to who made them or where the company was based?

It is possible that this is a single brand, but they have completely different headstock logos, sound hole labels and marketing strategies. Also the budget ones did not appear on the solid ones website? I think they are two separate brands, and if they are I think the firm dealing with Sinomusic has closed down.

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