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Mid East Tenor Baroq-ulele Ukulele
Baroq-ulele™ Tenor
Mid East Sitar-kulele™ Soprano
Mid East Tenor Balalaika Ukulele
Balalaika Ukulele Tenor
"Founded in the mid 1980's Mid-East designs and creates handcrafted, historic, and ethnic instruments from rich cultures all around the world", (their words). Amongst their, very large, range of instruments is a number of Hybrid Ukulele/Lute - Balalaika - Sitar - Baroque Guitar things. Mostly they are Tenor scale but the Baroq-ulele™ comes as Soprano and Concert too. The company was based for a while, in Florida USA, but is now based in Daska, Pakistan where the instruments are made, (the Sitar thing is made in India). They have used Zachary Taylor as a consultant for some of their instrument designs

I have not found anything direct, I believe these are the main importer and distributor for these instruments and they have taken to branding them Roosebeck by Mid East.

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