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Founded in 1878 in Chicago, Montgomery Ward is, like Sears Roebuck, a mail order catalogue company not a Ukulele Manufacturer, but they did have a number of Ukuleles and the like, made for them and sold under their brand names. Unlike Sears who actually owned Harmony, Montgomery Ward appears to have just got manufacturers like RegalGibson, Kay, Gretsch and others to make instruments for them They also took advantage of far eastern manufacture as soon as it became available. Some they sold as Montgomery Ward but others they had branded. The original Recording King was an MW brand, often made by Gibson, (but I have only seen Guitars with this branding made by Gibson and this is the official line), Airline, Consort and Sherwood, (usually made by Gretsch), were others.

and Wizard were their own brands of Banjo's and Banjoleles, often made by Kay or Slingerland.

They had some lines that were endorsed by popular "stars" of the time like Carson Robinson he country & western singer who had a range of cowboy themed instruments, including Ukuleles

One notable feature of Ukuleles made for Montgomery Ward was some, (not all) have special M (or W depending on which way up you look at it?) shaped tuner buttons

They no longer have Ukuleles made for them and when the catalogue does carry some, it is usually just a budget import brand like Diamond Head.

They have nothing to do with the 21st C. Sherwood Ukuleles that are found in Europe or Eastwoods Airline brands

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