Here are pages that contain multiple brands that I have little or no information on apart from a name and some evidence that they at some point made Ukuleles

Some Definitions of Terms used:
  • Brand means the name seen on the headstock, sound hole label or any advertising
  • Firms can be Manufacturers, Importers or Distributors. ~ Luthiers are Individuals or a just a couple of people
  • Pre War is before 1945 ~ Post War is 1946-1990 ~ 21st C. is 1990 on ~ 20th C. covers all periods but there is a definite ending
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    Budget Brands Worldwide 21st C. 
    Firms from Asia (mainly from Occupied Japan) Post War 
    Firms from China (with Limited Distribution) 21st C. 
    Luthiers from Asia 21st C. 
    Luthiers from Australasia 21st C. 
    Luthiers from Canada 21st C. 
    Luthiers from Europe 21st C. 
    Luthiers from Hawaii 21st C. 
    Luthiers from Latin America 21st C. 
    Luthiers from Mainland USA 21st C. 
    Luthiers from North America 20th C. 
    Luthiers or Firms from Britian Pre War 
    Luthiers or Firms from Germany and Central Europe Pre War 
    Luthiers or Firms from Hawaii Pre War 
    Luthiers or Firms from Hawaii Post War 
    Luthiers or Firms from Iberian Peninsula Pre War 
    Luthiers or Firms from Italy Pre War 
    Promotional Brands Worldwide All 
    Questionable Reputation Worldwide All 
    Small Distributors from Asia (Not China) 21st C. 
    Small Distributors from Australasia 21st C. 
    Small Distributors from Europe 21st C. 
    Small Distributors from Hawaii 21st C. 
    Small Distributors from North America 21st C. 
    Small Firms from Europe Post War 
    Small Firms from Latin America 21st C. 
    Small Firms from North America Pre War 
    Small Firms from North America Post War 
    Small Manufacturers from Asia (not China) 21st C. 
    Small Manufacturers from Europe 21st C. 
    Small Manufacturers from North America 21st C. 
    Showing 31 items