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Daryl Cursley Concert Ukulele
Cursley Concert
In being on the look out for nice Ukuleles I see the work of a number of full and part time luthiers. The instruments they make look very nice and worthy of note.

Albert Deakin - Reiner Guitars

Born in Austria He now works out of the UK. He trained as a jewelry maker and made musical instruments as side projects for most of his career, though he appears to be full time now (2013) As the name suggests he makes mainly Guitars but he also makes Tenor Ukuleles too, (I have never seen another scale from him), and a Taropatch / Mandolin thing, (with nylon strings its a Taropatch). The Reiner part of the name comes from his Grandfather.

Darryl Cursley

From Bournemouth, Dorset, UK, he has been making Ukuleles since 2010. He used mainly indigenous woods and like to blog and twitter about the process of building Ukuleles. I have seen Soprano, Concert and Tenor scales from him all with slot heads but I've seen nothing recent so maybe he has given up?

Sylvain Enjoubaut - Syl'Uke

From Chateau d'Oleron, France. He started making Ukuleles in 2007. He specialises in standard Hawaiian Ukuleles in Soprano or Concert scales and Tahitian type Ukuleles (but he also likes making Whisky Tin Ukuleles too?) In 2009 he started making Motu, (the name means island is some pacific dialects), Ukuleles. The Ukuleles are probably closer in sound production, to the Tahitian Banjo than the Hawaiian one, but they have 4 strings not 8 and are much more Ukulele shaped so are some kind of hybrid, (he has applied for a patent). They are made of marine plywood and so are waterproof, (not so sure about the electro-acoustic ones?) very robust and durable. They are also very thin, (less than 3 cm) have a Soprano scale (35cm) and sold as a travel Ukulele. Like a Tahitian Banjo the sound hole is at the back, but unlike the Tahitian Banjo the bowl is hollowed out from the back not the front.

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