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Andrea Capurso Guitars electric Concert Ukulele
Andrea Capurso Concert
In being on the look out for nice Ukuleles I see the work of a number of full and part time luthiers. The instruments they make look very nice and worthy of note.

Andrea Capurso

Based in Brindisi, Italy he has been making Guitars since before 2011. He started out building instruments for his friends but now has a workshop and makes them as a profession. His main output is electric Guitars and Basses but he also does acoustic Guitars, Mandolins and Violins. He has also as a custom request, made electric Concert scale Ukuleles.

Gary Neath - (Wurzle) Cogg Guitars

Based in Berlin. Germany and been making instruments since before 2012 I don't know a lot about him. He makes acoustic and electric Guitars plus Soprano, Concert and Tenor scale Ukuleles with these days Ukuleles being close to half of his output. He does take custom orders but does also appear to make on spec too. On the Guitars there is a curved W for Wurzle on the headstock but I've not seen this used on Ukuleles, however he does like to put golpeadores onto some his Ukuleles.

Peter Jacobs - Turnpike Guitars and Ukuleles

Based in Weymouth, England and starting as an acoustic Guitar maker in 2010. To start with it was a partnership of Peter and Nick Geary, (though as a long time cabinet maker Peter was the main luthier) hence the J&G TurnPike official name that is still used. After a while Nick Geary left for other interests and the catalogue was also expanded to include Tenor Ukuleles (with X braced Guitar like soundboards so not suitable for smaller scales) This has since expanded again to Baritone Ukuleles and in 2015, Guitaleles. All of his instruments are made using largely European native woods and with bog oak fret boards and a distinctive curved bridge.

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