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John Marlow Guitalele
In being on the lookout for nice Ukuleles I see the work of a number of full and part time luthiers. The instruments they make look very nice and worthy of note.

Antoine Prabel

Based in Saint Germain au Mont d'Or, France and in business since 2010, he specialises in selmer style and archtop Guitars, but he does include Tenor scale Ukuleles and Tenor scale Banjoleles in the main catalogue along with Cajons and Guitar restoration. He is a member of Association Professionnelle des Luthiers artisans en Guitare et autres cordes pincées, (the Professional Association of Luthiers and craftsmen in Guitar and other plucked string instruments)

John Marlow

Based in Dewsbury, England he has been a full time luthier since he qualified in musical instrument technology from Huddersfield Music College in 1986. For a long time he also taught guitar making at the local college but he gave that up in 2012 to concentrate solely on making, repairing and restoring chordophones. The bulk of his output is acoustic Guitars but he also does a lot of Mandolins and Mandolas too, (his standard catalogue includes electric Mandolins along with electric Violins but there are no electric Guitars?) and he has some expertise in early English Chordophones as well. In his standard catalogue, (and he says he always keeps some standard instruments he built on spec for those that don't want to wait), there are no Ukuleles, (I'm sure he would make them as a custom order though), but he does include a small Guitar he calls the "Tenor Bluebird" that has a 450mm scale and is tuned A - A so by any definition this is a Guitalele and nothing to do with a Tenor Guitar

Stuart Longridge

Based in Exeter, England and building Ukuleles since well before 1995, he makes the full range of Ukuleles: Soprano; 4 and 5 string (also including a low ‘G’ 4th string) Concert; 4, 6 and 8 string Tenor; and Baritone. His bodies are constructed using a “Spanish” slip neck to body from selected 1/4 cut book-matched timber, and he has a preference using for local woods with an oil finish.

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