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didier Baeuclair artisan ukulele
Beauclair Soprano?
In being on the look out for nice Ukuleles I see the work of a number of full and part time luthiers. The instruments they make look very nice and worthy of note.

Claus Mohri

From Aarbergen, Germany he has been working as a luthier since the 1970's and started his own workshop in 1982 building classical Guitars and other fretted instruments. These days he makes mainly Guitars and Concert or Tenor Ukuleles, with a Taropatch Tenor also in the standard catalogue.

Didier Beauclair

Based in Etriche, France, he specialises in Dulcimers. Psalteries and other Zither type instruments but he also includes an "artisan" Ukulele in his catalogue that from the look of it, is not of completely traditional construction, (there is no scale length given on the web site so I'm guessing its a Soprano?) He likes to use local woods for this, (and all his other instruments), apart from the soundboard which is always cedar. As well as manufacture he also teaches bot luthiery and playing the Zither instruments.

Pete Mallinson - Almuse

Albion Music Services is the proper name from this workshop based in Grantham England. It started in 2007 and makes solid body electric Mandolins and Tenor Guitars, plus the occasional other electric instruments, including (predominantly Concert) Ukuleles and Guitaleles. They do produce special pickups for Ukuleles, (If you look at the specs for a lot of the luthier made electric Ukuleles, especially firms that specialize in electric instrument, they will use Almuse pickups). Most of the instruments he makes are based on classic US guitars though he does a lot of custom work too.

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