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Corrales Southcoast Supersoprano long neck Ukulele
Corrales Supersoprano
The World of Ukulele luthiery is mainly centred around North America, (including Hawaii), Europe and Japan, (with other large Far Eastern industrial concerns thrown in), but it is not exclusively so. In the Spanish and Portuguese speaking parts of America a lot of fine luthiery is done, usually concentrating on Guitars or their more traditional folk chordophones, (Cavacos, Cuatros, Charangos, Tiples, Tres's and the like), but some of these luthiers do turn their hand to making a few Ukuleles and some of them look very fine and worthy of note.

Daniel Luiggi

He was born and now works in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He has been a full time luthier since the early 2000's and makes Guitars, Cuatros and Tenor or Soprano Ukuleles using local wood.

Omar Corrales

From Costa Rica and has been making instruments since 1987. One feature is there are only fret markers on the side of the fretboard and he has some kind of distribution deal with a Louisiana firm called Southcoast Ukes

Pedro González Fischer

From Boulogne, Buenos Aires, Argentina He learned the basic's of Guitar making at a 6 month workshop in 2005. Since then he has gone on to refine his skills making Guitars and a number of smaller chordophone including Soprano and Tenor Ukulele, and a Cuatro that looks much more like a Baritone Ukulele than a traditional Cuatro. Plus his Requinto Guitars are the same size and tuning as a Guitalele. All of his instruments have a trade make small piece of black and white binding in one corner.

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