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Luis Conde Concert Ukulele
Luis Conde Concert
The World of Ukulele luthiery is mainly centred around North America, (including Hawaii), Europe and Japan, (with other large Far Eastern industrial concerns thrown in), but it is not exclusively so. In the Spanish and Portuguese speaking parts of America a lot of fine luthiery is done, usually concentrating on Guitars or their more traditional folk chordophones, (Cavacos, Cuatros, Charangos, Tiples, Tres's and the like), but some of these luthiers do turn their hand to making a few Ukuleles and some of them look very fine and worthy of note.

Alfonso Sandoval

From Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela, he mainly makes the local Venezuelan Cuatro, (so Baritone scale but with a Ukulele D tuning and a low B string), but he does make other instruments too including Super Concert Ukuleles. He worked for many years as an architect but at age 55, in 2006 he gave it up to become a full time luthier. How he learned the craft I am not sure but he says he is self taught.

Luis Conde

From Quito, Ecuador who mainly makes Guitars

Marcelo Silva

He is quite a prolific luthier from Brazil. Unusually for a Brazilian luthier he seems to specialise in Ukuleles, making Soprano Supersoprano, Concert and occasionally Tenor scale instruments and has been doing so since before 2010 He has also taught at least one course on luthiery

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