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Isidro Sliva Nicaragua Soprano Ukulele
Isidro Sliva Soprano
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Jose Roman Raulo Guitars cigar box Ukulele
Raulo Guitars
The World of Ukulele luthiery is mainly centred around North America, (including Hawaii), Europe and Japan, (with other large Far Eastern industrial concerns thrown in), but it is not exclusively so. In the Spanish and Portuguese speaking parts of America a lot of fine luthiery is done, usually concentrating on Guitars or their more traditional folk chordophones, (Cavacos, Cuatros, Charangos, Tiples, Tres's and the like), but some of these luthiers do turn their hand to making a few Ukuleles and some of them look very fine and worthy of note.

Isidro Silva

From Managua, Nicaragua he is known more for Classical Guitars (where on some specialist forums there are questions about the quality?), but has made other instruments too, including Ukuleles

Jose Roman - Raulo Guitars

From Arecibo, Puerto Rico, he makes mainly Guitars and is very fond of fan fretting, (for improved intonation; but they're a bugger to play basic chords on). His catalogue does include a Baritone scale 4 string Cigar box though that is just about as professionally made as a cigar box can be (I'm not sure if the box has ever seen cigars but they do make a lot of cigars in Puerto Rico?)

Leandro Violini

From Buenos Aires, Argentina he is a maker of Ukuleles, 4 string Cuatros and other small South American chordophones like the Charango and the Cavaco; I have not seen Guitars in his catalogue though? He has been in business since before 2010 and has a website that doesn't appear to work, He started other on line sites but they all seem to have been abandoned since 2013 so I am not sure if he is still in business? On one of the sites it suggests that he may teach luthiery as well?

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