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Nicolas Rodriguez brazilian Cavaco
Nicolas Rodriguez Cavaquinho
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Dale Wallace Sr Guitars soprano Ukulele
Dale Wallace Soprano
The World of Ukulele luthiery is mainly centred around North America, (including Hawaii), Europe and Japan, (with other large Far Eastern industrial concerns thrown in), but it is not exclusively so. In the Spanish and Portuguese speaking parts of America a lot of fine luthiery is done, usually concentrating on Guitars or their more traditional folk chordophones, (Cavacos, Cuatros, Charangos, Tiples, Tres's and the like), but some of these luthiers do turn their hand to making a few Ukuleles and some of them look very fine and worthy of note.

Dale Wallace Sr.

Based in San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye, Belize though originally from Canada, he has been making and repairing Guitars, Mandolins and Ukuleles since the 1990's using local woods. He often puts decorative carved bridges on his instruments

The Garcia Brothers

The brothers Rubén and Jaime come from Bolivia and are primarily Charango makers but they have added some Ukuleles to their catalogue including Taropatch and Lili'us, (or some six string variant but I haven seen the nut configuration). All the Ukuleles from them I have seen have been made in a similar fashion to a Charango and are Soprano scale but as they make different scale lengths of Charango it is likely they could make other Ukulele scales if requested.

Nicolas Rodriguez Guerra

From Capilla del Monte, Cordoba, Argentina, he studied luthiery at the Classical Guitar Luthier School of the National University of Tucuman graduating in 2008. After this he worked in local music shops as a repairman before setting up his own workshop in 2013. He makes classical Guitars and all manner of Latin American chordophone including Charangos, Colombian Tiples, Venezuelan Cuatros, Mexican Requintos, Cuban Tres, Brazilian Cavacos and Ukuleles.

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