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Dan Williams Venezuelan Cuatro (from Dorset)
Dan Williams Venezuelan Cuatro
In the places that were once part of the old Iberian empires, particularly Latin America there are a number of local folk instruments that have a similar heritage and a close resemblance to the Ukulele. Instruments that have 4 strings, (or sometimes courses of strings), and are the same sort of size as the various Ukuleles; instruments like the Brazilian Cavaco, the Venezuelan Cuatro and the Colombian Tiple. Sometimes these instruments are suppose to be tuned completely differently to the Ukulele but given general ignorance of their real origin when they are seen in the northern continents they are usually tuned as played like and called Ukuleles. They are NOT, but I make a list here for reference; and because while the luthiers who made them haven't to my knowledge made any Ukuleles they undoubtedly could.

  • Alexandre Barcelos - A Brazilian luthier
  • Alvaro Reis - A Brazilian luthier
  • Amaral - A Brazilian luthier
  • Antonio Barros - A Brazilian luthier from Rio de Janero who started making instruments in 1994. the trained under another Rio luthier called Joe Nunes and makes guitars and Mandolins as well as Cavacos
  • Araujo - A Brazilian luthier
  • Daniel Williams - a Dorset, UK luthier who specialises in South American folk instruments
  • David Oddy & Son - A Mandolin maker from Exeter, UK who includes Cuatros in his standard catalogue
  • Duda Danelle - no further information
  • Edward Eid - St. Kitts born, longtime Brazilian luthier who lives in Carapicuiba and also teaches lutheiry
  • Elias Mattos - A luthier from San Paolo who also makes Banjo Cavacos He started making Cavacos aged 22 and was fully professional aged 25. He seems quite prolific but I don't know how old he is now?
  • Emerson - A Brazilian luthier, may have the full name Emerson Silva?
  • Felipe Perez Ahumada - From Chile he includes a number of South American instruments in his catalogue including a Venezuelan Cuatro
  • Gustavo Gómez - Based in El Vigía, Mérida, Venezuela he specialises in making skeleton type South American instruments including Venezuelan Cuatros, Bandolims, Banduras, Renquos and Guitars. He has also made ordinary acoustic instruments too.
  • Jaime Ferreira - A luthier from San Paolo. His website has closed down but he still tweets
  • Juan Rodrigues - a luthier from Serra do Ramalho, Bihia, north east Brazil
  • Luiz Carlos Pepineli - From San Paulo, he has been working as a luthier since the early 1990’s making Guitars and Violas as well as 4 and 5 string Cavacos
  • Maciço Carlinhos - A luthier firm makes Banjo Cavacos too, seems quite prolific for one man
  • Norberto de León Cabrera - has a self help page for making Cuatros
  • Orant - Luthiers Antonio Xavier and Celio worked at JB in Sao Paulo for 15 and 6 years respectively before setting out on their own.
  • Rogério Santos - Luthier from Rio de Janeiro
  • Vergilio Lima - From Sabará, MG, Brasil, he makes all sorts of chordophone including Cavacos. I have not seen anything recent so he may no longer be in business?

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