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Throughout the world there are small manufacturing firms, maybe a luthier who has expanded the operation and taken on some staff, maybe a number of craftsmen who have got together in some form of co-operative. However it started these manufacturers usually make very high quality instruments even if the Ukulele is not the firms main output

Compass Rose

Rick Turner has a long and varied career as an instrument maker, Starting his apprenticeship in 1963, he helped found Alembic Guitars in the early 70's, he worked for Gibson R&D for a while but eventually he started Rick Turner Guitars in Santa Cruz California.. Now there appears to be three brands he runs, Rick Turner Guitars, Renaissance Guitars and Compass Rose Guitars and Ukuleles. Though Rick is more known for his work with Electrics and Pickups, the Compass Rose line is the Acoustic Line, (however you can have a pickup fitted), and the only one that currently has Ukuleles in it. Under the Compass Rose brand started out with only Tenor Ukuleles, but in 2014 they introduced Concerts, (I have seen a prototype Baritone too). The Ukuleles all have the same basic body shape but the woods used and the level of finish vary.

Opal Instruments

Founded in 2015, in Pomona, California, by Scott Dordick on the back of his photographic equipment factory and started out with the name Duell. They make 3 models of electric Tenor with an aluminium frame, 1 has a wood front and back to be electric acoustic but the other two are just skeletal frame designs: they also make a Guitar.  

Sailor Brand

Uke Republic - a big online shop based in Georgia's own brand - but the Ukuleles are suppose to be made to order in the USA. They come as Soprano, Concert or Tenor, usually with a spruce top, but with a variety of woods used for the back and sides.

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