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Bentivoglio BUM12LVC Concert Ukulele
Bentivoglio BUM 12
Most Asian countries have the usual international brands available, or occasionally some of the Chinese factory brands that aren't widely available, but sometimes I do see a brand appears is specific to that Asian Country. It is usually a Chinese produced import but web site language often means I can't find out very much about them.


Founded in South Korea in 2013 they sell mainly acoustic Guitars, but the catalogue does include a Concert scale Ukulele with a beveled top (Beveled top armrests are a feature of all of their instruments) This Ukulele rejoices in the model number of BUM 12lvc and is actually made in China.


They are fond of laser etching and laser cut soundholes. There is a budget range that is definitely Chinese made. I have not found a website for this brand so am very short of information?


Based in Hong Kong, (should that count as China or not?), and founded by American Evan Binkley sometime around 2011 this is a bit of an odd company. Evan claims to and maybe still does make some of the instruments sold under this branding from scratch but the bulk of the instrument were produced for him on the mainland. Ha also says that all of his Ukuleles are modified by him in some way, and this is certainly true of a number of the earlier models but I think increasingly they are just designed by him. Because of the way he works the back catalogue is very much a mix of everything including Banjoleles, (and Guitars), though I have not seen a Baritone or any multi-string options

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