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Most Asian countries have the usual international brands available, or occasionally some of the Chinese factory brands that aren't widely available, but sometimes I do see a brand appears is specific to that Asian Country. It is usually a Chinese produced import but web site language often means I can't find out very much about them.

(GroupSound) Awadon

A Korean firm and with all of the usual translation issues making it hard to understand what is going on? To start with I'm not sure if it's "GroupSound Awadon" or just Awadon? There is also a lot about KGuitar on the site but I think thats just a guitar tutorial program that is the original business? From what I can make out it started out selling the tutorial software and in 2016 started branding as selling Ukuleles, (I think they are just the distributor not the maker but I haven't seen these models anywhere else so I may be wrong?) The Current range is 2 Concert Models, a Tenor and a Guitalele all of which appear to be good quality with solid koa tops, (the top models are all solid koa), and compensated bone saddles


A South Korean based firm; they have Sopranos Concerts, Tenors and Baritones in the range. I believe they are made in China and also do Songbird Ocarinas and they have nothing to do with the Japanese Songbird

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